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How to free up space on your iphone

  Do you like taking selfies? Are you a binge watcher who downloads lots of videos? Well I've found a new and easy way for you to save and free up some soace on your iphone without having to sign in to some website everytime.

  Sandisk has brought out a new storage device for storing files and documents directly from your iphone. I was asked to review this product- the Sandisk iXpand base (Shop here ). To be honest, since I discovered this device, my life has literally become so much easier as I can now save all my million pictures, vlogs, videos, etc and free up space on my iPhone knowing that they are safely backed up. The beautiful thing is, as a blogger, I also get to save up my photoshoot photos and YouTube videos.

  Now let's get on to how to use this device. It's as simple as ABC...

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Sandisk ixpand base app on your iphone 

  • Connect the base to an external socket. Afterwards, connect your iphone to the base via your usb cable cord.
  • Open the ixpand base app and all your photos, videos and contacts will automatically save to your storage device. You can now delete items from your iphone and have more space for newer files. 

   Another great thing is that you can save the items back to your iphone whenever you need them again and did I also mention that this device charges your phone whilst it's being backed up? I can just leave it in like I'm normally charging my phone.  Let me know what you think about this device and don't forget to subscribe via email for post updates. Thank you!❤️

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